Pastors Charleston & Michelle Day

Celebrating the Dynamic Leadership of Pastor Day and Pastor Michelle at The Road Church

At The Road Church, we are exceptionally blessed to have Pastor Day and Pastor Michelle at the helm of our spiritual journey. Their combined experience of over 50 years in ministry, business acumen, and dedication to community service has significantly shaped the trajectory of our church, guiding us to new heights of faith, fellowship, and community impact.
Pastor Day, hailing from Pontiac, Michigan, has been a beacon of hope and transformation within the community since his ordination in 1997. His roles extend beyond the pulpit as the Director of City Life Detroit & Juvenile Justice Ministry with Youth for Christ, and as a Chaplain with the Detroit Police Department. His tireless work, certified expertise in Urban Ministry and Juvenile Justice, and his position on the Board of Incarcerated Youth Ministries have earned him widespread recognition and respect. Pastor Day's candid and transformative preaching style is not only sought after but has also been a pivotal force for change and enlightenment in countless lives.

Pastor Michelle's roots in Detroit and her foundational role in establishing The R.O.A.D. Church alongside her profound contributions to its growth cannot be overstated. Her leadership in developing key ministries and her passion for youth and music have made her an influential figure in the community. Ordained in 2006, Pastor Michelle's blend of spiritual guidance, educational prowess, and her roles as CEO of Day 2 Day Enterprises LLC and Executive Director of Project-U-Turn Inc., showcase her multifaceted leadership abilities. Her commitment to preaching biblical truths and fostering sustainable growth within the church has been instrumental in shaping its direction and purpose.

Together, Pastor Day and Pastor Michelle embody the essence of servant leadership, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their faith, their congregation, and their community. Their visionary leadership, grounded in compassion, integrity, and dedication, continues to inspire and uplift all who are fortunate enough to be part of The Road Church family. We are deeply grateful for their guidance, their service, and their profound impact on our lives and the community at large.

Prison Ministry

Our Pastors has been serving in Prison Ministry for over 12 years. They are partners with the largest prison ministry organization in the country. Also, serve with various organizations serving this population and their families. Through their music and speaking it has afforded them opportunity to travel throughout the United States.