Pastors Charleston & Michelle Day

Our Pastors have served in ministry collectively for over 50 years. They have been instrumental in the trajectory of The Road Church with their experience in business, organizational management, church leadership, and community service. Pastor Day & Pastor Michelle were faithful servants in our church before their roles as Pastors,

Pastor Day was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan. He was ordained and licensed to preach in 1997, under the leadership of Pastor Thompson of Messiah Missionary Baptist Church in Pontiac. Pastor Day is bi-vocational; where he's employed by Youth for Christ as the Director of City Life Detroit & Juvenile Justice Ministry.  He is certified in Urban Ministry and Juvenile Justice. Pastor Day is a Chaplain with the Detroit Police Department Chaplaincy.  He sits on the Board of Incarcerated Youth Ministries. His service and work in the community has rendered recognition from Governors, Mayors, and City Councils throughout the State of Michigan. He is a sought after preacher and speaker for his candid delivery which is known for bringing transformation.

Pastor Michelle was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She is a one of the founding members of The R.O.A.D. Church. She helped to develop several ministries within the church. They became foundational to the sustainable  growth of the ministry. Her passion for youth and music has garnered her a leader in the community, which recognition and awards for both from prominent figures. Pastor Michelle was ordained and licensed to preach in 2006, under the direction of Overseer, Dr Mitchell Welch of The Road Church. She is the CEO of their company Day 2 Day Enterprises LLC.  And the Executive Director of our non-profit organization Project-U-Turn Inc. Pastor Michelle's extensive educational background provides a well-rounded perspective for leadership, teaching and preaching biblical truths.

There is so much more that could be added, but this is a brief synopsis about our Leaders. We are grateful to have this powerhouse duo as our Shepherds. 

Prison Ministry

Our Pastors has been serving in Prison Ministry for over 12 years. They are partners with the largest prison ministry organization in the country. Also, serve with various organizations serving this population and their families. Through their music and speaking it has afforded them opportunity to travel throughout the United States.